Professional Wealth Management

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How We Work

We are here to help you maximise your wealth

When you decide to involve us in your financial planning process you will do so in the knowledge that Professional Wealth Management has built its reputation based on trustintegrity and experience. We take our relationship with you very seriously and do everything we can to build a partnership that we hope will turn into a lifetime commitment. Organisation is paramount and we begin by carrying out two important tasks.

First we review your existing circumstances and they we establish your tolerance to risk. You need to know where you are now before deciding where you are heading. Once we have analysed your current situation we can undertake a full and comprehensive financial review and prepare a report that will provide the foundations  for your wealth management plan.

What are our areas of expertise?

Developing and retaining new and current clients is part and parcel of Professional Wealth Management’s day to day routine but creating lifetime partnerships with our clients features strongly in our vision for the future.

To remain focussed on this goal we have a simple mantra:

"Our aim is to surpass our clients expectations"

Exceeding expectations involves managing our client relationships effectively and fine-tuning those elements which are within our control. Client satisfaction comes from trust in the individual adviser, the quality of advice offered and the performance of the product they are introduced to. To this end all our advisers are trained to determine the needs and motivations of their clients so they can design an appropriate service model.

Managing money effectively is a proactive activity. Investors want to be kept informed of their products performance and to be aware of the opportunities and threats arising in the global marketplace. Professional Wealth Management prides itself in keeping in regular contact with its clients, sharing information, providing portfolio updates and discussing events that shape financial outcomes.